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Who we are…

Wells County Concerned Citizens is group of residents and property owners in Wells County, Indiana.   Established in January 2012, our goal is to preserve and protect our rural community, the health and well-being of our citizens as well as the natural beauty of our countryside.

Our mission…

Wells County Concerned Citizens is dedicated to ensuring that the governmental bodies of Wells County provide the best environment for the people who live and work here. We believe local government must be held accountable to the objectives stated in the preamble of its zoning ordinances. First among them is “the need to create and maintain conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony,” as well as “maintaining public health, safety, and welfare of the people of Wells County.”

Our present focus…

An application has been approved by the Wells County Area Planning Commission from APEX Wind Energy to build and operate 86 industrial wind turbines in Chester, Liberty and Nottingham Townships. Plans call for commencement of their project next year in northern portions of Chester Township and southern parts of Liberty Township. 

Industrial wind turbines are exactly that –INDUSTRIAL MACHINES towering nearly 500 feet tall and designed to generate electricity.  As such, they should be sited in appropriate locations with setbacks sufficient to have minimal impact on residential areas.

Unfortunately, the Wells County Zoning Ordinance allows them to be placed as close as 1,000 feet from residences.  Around the globe, those currently living within five miles of industrial wind turbine farms report numerous health issues, inability to sleep, loss of property values, interrupted communications, and division and hard feelings among longtime friends and neighbors

We believe that introducing industrial wind turbines into rural areas of Wells County constitutes an incompatible use. The noise, shadow flicker and sheer magnitude of these turbines promise to rob residents of the use and enjoyment of their properties.

How can I help…

Become a member of the Wells County Concerned Citizens. There is NO membership fee (but donations are always welcome to help publicize our efforts). Call (260) 353-1077 today to join or click here to contact us by email.