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What happens if there is a mass exodus of people from the Southern Wells area due to industrial wind turbines???

Obviously if families move away to flee these industrial wind machines, population in the Southern Wells School District would fall. A decrease in school age children will result in less state funding. If the impact is great enough, the school could face either dramatic staff cuts or consolidation with another school district.

 Southern Wells Schools currently employs over 100 staff member with an annual payroll (incuding fringe benefits) of approximately $4.1 million. Think about the devastating impact upon our community if the school ultimately closes.

Extravagant claims of ‘More Money’ for Southern Wells Schools made by Apex Wind Energy simply not true!

During a December 1 hearing on their application to install 118 industrial wind turbines, Apex Wind proclaimed their project would generate additional revenue for the school’s capital projects fund totalling $2.3 million between now & 2027.

Sounds good, but unfortunately their claim is hollow.

Their projection was based on an H. J. Umbaugh Associates report prepared on August 30, 2011, for members of the Wells County Commissioners and Council. The report erroneously assumes the school corporation’s capital projects fund tax rate never changes.

That’s not the case.

Each year, the school corporation projects what capital expenditures are planned & the amount of funds needed to accomplish them. In addition, the Indiana Department of Local Government oversees the entire process and imposes a maximum limit on how many dollars may be raised.

A tax rate is then established based upon assessed valuation of property located within the Southern Wells School District.

The increase in assessed valuation represented by the Apex project will result in a lower tax rate, but will not result in more dollars for the capital projects fund.

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Become a member of the Wells County Concerned Citizens. There is NO membership fee (but donations are always welcome to help publicize our efforts). Call (260) 353-1077 today to join or click here to contact us by email.