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County Roads


…and you thought county roads are bad now–just wait!

Wind turbine blades over 150 feet long, endless truck loads of concrete & stone, huge construction equipment and more will be wearing & tearing up our county roads that we must use every day. Some loads will even weigh over 80 tons (160,000 lbs.). 

So what’s the benefit to us that live in the areas where these giant industrial wind turbines are going to be located? Oh, it will save the average homeowner an average of $50 – $60 a year in property taxes by 2025!

Will the price we must pay (not including the dust and noise generated during construction) be worth it? My mama didn’t raise no fool.

 How can I help…

Become a member of the Wells County Concerned Citizens. There is NO membership fee (but donations are always welcome to help publicize our efforts). Call (260) 353-1077 today to join or click here to contact us by email.