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Won’t the wind turbines lower our property taxes?


Yes and no. In a report prepared by Umbaugh & Associates for county officials, a Wells County home of median value ($87,900) would pay from $50 to $60 less in property taxes—in 2025! Because county officials appear eager to grant industrial wind turbine projects 10-year tax abatements, property taxes on these wind factories will be phased in over 10 years. That means in the first year of the abatement, these companies will pay NO property taxes (maybe officials will give us that option).

In the second year, the companies pay on only 10% of the project’s assessed value and 20% in the third year. Should a company go bankrupt within the first three years or four years of operation, their property tax contributions will be minimal.

How can I help?


Become a member of the Wells County Concerned Citizens. There is NO membership fee (but donations are always welcome to help publicize our efforts). Call (260) 353-1077 today to join or click here to contact us by email.