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Over 300 industrial wind turbines are proposed in the Southern Wells School District!

The big wind companies are coming to this area with assurances that the presence of these noisy & dangerous, 500’ towers will have MINIMAL IMPACT ON RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY VALUES. And our local officials are welcoming these companies with open arms & providing them with not only a “Sweetheart” zoning ordinance but “Sweetheart” financial incentives as well.

C’mon, we weren’t born yesterday. Plain old common sense (plus plenty of stories from around the U.S. & Canada) indicate that’s not the case. Homes located within a couple of miles of industrial wind turbines can easily see a decrease in value of 20-40% or more. Some homes in these areas never sell and end up being abandoned by their owners!

What can I do to change this bleak future for Wells County?


Become a member of the Wells County Concerned Citizens. There is NO membership fee (but donations are always welcome to help publicize our efforts). Call (260) 353-1077 today to join or click here to contact us by email.


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